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 Nais:  Apologies for the downtime, had a database issue. Back in business.
 Nais:  I'm here, going to start a thread on season premiere though. Then we can move onto the newer episodes. Catch up, catch up!
 Bowiespanda:  Waaaaa
 The Mesa:  go team venture
 Itsjustmetalcore:  hello, I am checking again. Is anyone alive out there.
 Itsjustmetalcore:  stay frosty
 Itsjustmetalcore:  out
 Itsjustmetalcore:  I will check back soon again. Wait for me. Stay alive old there soldier. - out
 Itsjustmetalcore:  is anyone alive out there
 Itsjustmetalcore:  hello
 The Mesa:
 The Mesa:
 Bettie Rage:  Maybe we can stage a comeback in early 2016 for the new season...
 Nais:  So quiet around here..
 Bettie Rage:  I miss you goobers, by golly and gum.
 The Mesa:
 The Mesa:
 The Mesa:  Now here is a stupid question for fun, in The VB world would you be OSI, Guild or other?
 The Mesa:  Dear sweet Gods and Goddess's, we have a new episode. I have tomarrow off. I plan to Binge on Venture Brothers, Every Epesode. Grab some burgers, budd, beers and VB. And At midnight I shall sit half baked half full half drunk and all 150 percent ready for a brand spanking new episode. And just to be a lame geek will be online here the entire time.
 PirateKingChris:  Nope, not on till tomorrow night.
 Helperhugger420:  the timer is wrong...
 PirateKingChris:  10 days!
 Nais:  I'm here! I'm here!
 PirateKingChris:  Come back, everybody! Only 12 days till Venture!
 Nais:  Going to be locking the forum down shortly while I do some maintenance. Do NOT freak out.
 PirateKingChris:  Most definitely not as bad, though the movie had more problems than Ryan Reynolds.
 The Mesa:  Question to those who remember (Pause for Dramatic effect) Would the 2011 film Green Lantern flopped has bad as it did if Hal Jordon/ The Green Lantern had been played by Nathan Fillon?
 PirateKingChris:  I haven't been around in far too long. Hope some of the same folks I used to chat with will be back!
 Helperhugger420:  where did all the vb fans go?
 Helperhugger420:  well i dont mind the lul, i huge vb fan and i have a sad post count. it gives me a chance to catch up and i do think we will be big one day =]
 The Mesa:  But i am sure oneday it might be big like it was
 The Mesa:  but since than it has had less traffic
 The Mesa:  At one time when it wasnt years between seasons this was a very busy site
 Helperhugger420:  oh no ok im dumb
 Helperhugger420:  or broken?
 Helperhugger420:  is this dead?
 The Mesa:  as of 2 mins and 12 sec agp I am a gp father
 The Mesa:  is it me or is the one of the right Action Johnny ... w-then-27/
 Col. Gentleman: ... s-special/
 Col. Gentleman:  That Baroness UnterBheit is doing strange things to me. Should not want, but still kind of want.
 The Mesa: ... n-2013-24/
 The Mesa:
 The Mesa:
 Col. Gentleman:  I wish I could put my ornery Joy Can into a supervisor.
 DRD2001:  Happy VD!
 Nais:  I wish I had an ornery supervisor to put into my Joy can...
 DRD2001:  I wish I had a Joy Can to lock my supervisor into.
 DRD2001:  Way too quiet in here.
 GoDeanVenture:  I wanted to go as Truckules for Halloween, didn't make the costume in time sadface
 Majikthise:  Nine more days till Halloween, Silver Shamrock!
 Majikthise:  Nine more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.
 Tiny Joseph:  *heart monitor beeps once*
 The Mesa:  number 18 is the one that rocks.
 The Mesa: ... st_p22/#18
 The Mesa:  they make me want to try reffer cigs
 The Mesa:  I think Im hooked on showtunes
 PirateKingChris:  Danke, Maj!
 Majikthise:  It shall be so!
 PirateKingChris:  Hmmmm....Green I suppose
 Majikthise:  Anniversary ranks are here! Just ask for one (Orange, White or Green) and ye shall receive!
 The Mesa: ... you-21.jpg
 Majikthise:  It's all good. The episode showed up OnDemand the next day.
 PirateKingChris:  Oh nos, Maj!!!
 Majikthise:  Gah! DVR failure!
 PirateKingChris:  Aye!
 Majikthise:  Aye, it was at that.
 The Mesa:  I gotta say the new episode was totally worth the wait
 StefCon23:  4 days 20 hours
 Bowiespanda:  I am. And I'm wearing my henchman hoodie.
 5fingercrawl:  t-shirt club is happening again!
 Majikthise:  Oh, that's right. You're going to a special screening, aren't you? Enjoy!
 Bowiespanda:  One day away.
 Majikthise:  ONE WEEK AWAY!
 The Mesa:  Alright managed to remember this password
 Majikthise:  Hello, Dolly!
 Nais:  Hello PRoV!
 LargeHadronCollider:  and Im glad I checked too.
 LargeHadronCollider:  Woo glad I checked to see if the site was back.
 Col. Gentleman:  And they're redundant, too.
 DoomsDayDevice:  They like to say the same thing over and over again.
 Col. Gentleman:  They like being redundant too.
 DoomsDayDevice:  Southerners like being redundant.
 Majikthise:  Isn't that redundant?
 DoomsDayDevice:  The EVIL Carolinas.
 Col. Gentleman:  from what I understand it's off the Carolinas
 Henchman99942:  Sorry, I was looking for my post at the bottom. Here is my question: Where is spider skull island located? What ocean? Where on the globe?
 Henchman99942:  Hello.
 Henchman99942:  Hey
 Majikthise:  Like crabs.
 Nais:  so quiet
 Nais:  Mesa, let me know your email address and I can reset your password
 Majikthise:  Welcome back!
 The Mesa:  I have returned. my computer died and resting my password didnt seem to work, so MFM is now The Mesa
 Majikthise:  Put your little hand in mine / Babe, there ain't no mountain we can't climb...
 Nais:  No problem!
 Majikthise:  Much obliged, Nais!
 Nais:  Not sure how it broke, but it seems fixed for now. Enjoy all!
 Majikthise:  You posted a little in April. You just forgot about it for the rest of the year.
 Subliminal Verses:  I think I forgot to post in 2012.
 Majikthise:  I'll hold you to that, PKC.
 PirateKingChris:  I never make resolutions, but I suppose not forgetting to post on the forum in 2013 should be one.
 Maritimecopious:  hello
 Majikthise:  Happy New Year, everyone :moltar:
 Tiny Joseph:  *breathing creepily*
 DoomsDayDevice:  You can say that again.
 Majikthise:  Good thing, too. The Ghost of Christmas Past is a real blowhard.
 DoomsDayDevice:  The ghost of Christmas past never answered.
 Majikthise:  Prove it.
 Tiny Joseph:  I'M ALIVE!!!
 DoomsDayDevice:  cheaper alternative: ear wax.
 Col. Gentleman:  Firehouse mustache wax
 Majikthise:  I have a mustache, but I've never used anything like that.
 MurderFaceMesa:  random question for anyone whom as a mustache. Is there a gel or forming foam I can use to give it a nice fine clean look?
 Pigeon small:  Hah now I actually want to talk about the Halloween episode. But nobody here will be around any time soon
 Hughesta:  Enjoy!
 Hughesta:  it's awesome.
 Hughesta:  murderface
 MurderFaceMesa:  I wont get a chance to see it, i gotta be up at 4 in the morning, but I shall see it and hope everyone loves it
 MurderFaceMesa:  Well the its happening tonight
 DoomsDayDevice:  land lords own computers?! wtf?! RUN!!!!
 MurderFaceMesa:  I think if you contact the land lords you should be cool
 MurderFaceMesa:  ????????????????????
 MurderFaceMesa:  No way, when did that happen.
 Majikthise:  Well, this is just great. Not sure why, but all of a sudden I'm blocked from posting to the PRoV from work.
 DoomsDayDevice:  I heard he was holed up with the Tijuana Lucha Libre Gang.
 MurderFaceMesa:  i think
 MurderFaceMesa:  The Mad Mex, but I heard he was lost some where in the jungles of South America, looking for a city of gold
 Mad Mex:  Holy crap I almost couldn't log in it's been so ong!
 MurderFaceMesa:  <iframe width="480" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
 Majikthise:  Excellent news!
 DRD2001: updated
 Majikthise:  I expect there will be -- as soon as we're given a solid date.
 Alkazaar:  i've heard january 2013 for season 5, i hope there'll be a homepage countdown when actual dates are confirmed
 Majikthise:  One month later...
 MurderFaceMesa: ... -crew.html
 Majikthise:  Adorable. That's the only word for it.
 Tiny Joseph:  err Maj, not aj....
 Tiny Joseph:  Hey aj, lookie what I came across:
 Tiny Joseph:  hurm
 Majikthise:  Urns.
 Bowiespanda:  Boo.
 DoomsDayDevice:  urbaniakites
 Majikthise:  Urbaniak Outfitters.
 Tiny Joseph:  Urbaniak Cowboy
 Majikthise:  Urbaniak legend.
 Bowiespanda:  Homicidal urbaniak.
 Col. Gentleman:  Urbaniak Gentrification
 Majikthise:  Urbaniak blight.
 Bowiespanda:  Suburbaniak.
 Majikthise:  Flyoveriak.
 Bowiespanda:  Ruraliak.
 Majikthise:  Urbaniak.
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